Stacy Bush, M.A.

Ms. Bush has a long history of involvement with CCJR. Previously she completed several investigations into the workings of global illicit markets (e.g. the art market, weapons markets, and corporate offending). Her most recent publication used a longitudinal simulation model to test the effects drone strikes on terrorist communication networks. She was also the project manager for the Gang Resistance and Community Engagement (GRACE) program evaluation. GRACE offers life skills training, job development programing, and work experience (internships) to at risk young adults so as to better prepare them to resist the influence of gangs. Ms. Bush presents regularly at international forums (e.g., the Illicit Networks Workshop and the International Symposium of Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis), as well as national academic conferences (e.g., American Society of Criminology). Publications appear in Global Crime, Journal of Contemporary Criminal, and a recent book, Justice Disrupting Criminal Networks: Network Analysis in Crime Prevention.

Areas of Interest:

  • Illicit Markets and Dark Networks
  • Terrorism
  • Gangs
  • Corporate Offenders
  • Social Network Analysis