Center for Criminal Justice Research

The Center for Criminal Justice Research offers valuable services to faculty, students, and the community. Faculty and Staff of the Department of Criminal Justice benefit from the expertise and research support provided by the Center to develop and manage innovative research. Undergraduate and graduate students can take advantage of in-depth research training to prepare them for careers in criminal justice policy analysis or advanced educational pursuits.

Finally, the community benefits from the services that the Center provides through grants and contracts with local criminal justice agencies and organizations. Some of the prior and ongoing projects conducted by the Center include important CJ policy issues concerning local and regional agencies. Among these projects are program evaluations (including community impact studies, special research targeting at-risk populations like the homeless and juvenile delinquents) and advanced research training seminars.

By acting as a resource to faculty offering expert research and evaluation assistance to community groups, non-profit organizations, and CJ agencies, the Center aims to map the way to more effective CJ services in the communities immediately serviced by CSUSB, and beyond at the state and national level.