Stephen G. Tibbetts, Ph.D.

Dr. Tibbetts aims to discover the extent to which individuals’ inherent dispositions and attitudinal traits contribute to their offending decisions, especially in relation to other factors, such as demographic, developmental, and situational factors. For example, Dr. Tibbetts’ research investigates the differences between men and women in their decisions to commit deviant behavior, as well as their perceptions of risk and consequences of getting caught, the effects of perinatal disorders as an influence in future criminality, and gang intervention.

Dr. Tibbetts is a prolific author having published several books, numerous chapters, and a wide range of journal articles. Research articles appear in Criminology, Deviant Behavior, Justice Quarterly, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, Journal of Criminal Justice, Psychological Reports, Journal of Crime and Justice, and Psychological Reports.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Criminological theory
  • Juvenile delinquency/juvenile justice
  • Gender differences in deviance
  • Personality and psychometric factors in criminal behavior
  • Biosocial theories of deviance
  • Program evaluation and consultation
  • Gang intervention and prevention